Luxury Namibia Safari Tours

The vast expanse of the Kalahari and Namib deserts, canyons and high mountains form our Namibian Safari tour to which we add exceptional wildlife and desert flora. Namibia Desert Safari tours are a speciality of Susan Worner Tours. The Sossusvlei Dunes are amazing for a photographic Namibian safari tour. Trekking up the dune ridge is exhilarating and included in our Namibia desert tour is a botanist-led mountain excursion.

Our luxury Namibia Safari holiday heads north to the Skeleton Coast to discover desert-adapted elephants with a driver guide. Extraordinary landscapes, remote luxury lodges carefully sourced by us and we offer a trip to the coast to see the shipwrecks and seal colonies.

Namibia holidays can be tailor-made or for a small group of friends. Namibia safaris offer exciting discoveries, abundant wildlife and friendly local guides, the big five and even the small five. With our luxury Namibia safaris, discover the Atlantic coast at Swapokmund, its majestic dune landscapes and rich birdlife.

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  1. Namibia – Deserts, Dunes and Canyons – Landscapes, Geology, Flora and Fauna

    22 November - 06 December 2019

    An amazing country of sweeping landscapes, impressive mountains, fascinating geology with the oldest dunes in the world, canyons and deserts. Namibia has wide-open spaces with few inhabitants but a wealth of flora and fauna all adapted to the environment. Our itinerary covers the central and southern regions of the country, malaria-free zones.

    The lodges and guest farmhouses chosen are small with all comforts and good food. They are attractively designed in typical vernacular style with breath-taking views and always a friendly welcome. After each travel day, we spend a relaxing day around our chosen lodge with the emphasis on local activities.

    Our road travel is in a comfortable vehicle adapted to gravel tracks which form a major part of our journeys. We are accompanied throughout by an excellent and knowledgeable local guide, who is also a professional photographer.

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  1. An Enchanted Land

    On arrival at our hotel in Klein Windhoek, luxurious, spacious and surrounded by olive trees, I am shown a bucket in the shower. “Please save the water as the shower heats up,” the staff ask, “we can use it to clean the room.” This becomes a theme. Water – scarce, absent, or cascading with uncontrolled force – is a presence through much of our journey in northern Namibia. Here, nature is formed and ruled by elemental forces, especially fire and water; I am fascinated by how it molds and adapts accordingly.