Susan Worner Tours

  1. Scotland – Spring Gardens of Dumfries & Galloway

    20 – 25 May 2018

    With a mild climate influenced by the Gulf Stream, gardens of Dumfries and especially Galloway are lush and richly planted with shrubs and trees from all over the world.

    May is a perfect time to visit the stunning gardens which will be in full springtime blossom.

    We stay initially at the comfortable, welcoming Dumfries House Lodge situated in the parkland near the House. We continue to Knockinaam Lodge in a secluded bay on the coast in Galloway. An exceptionally well-appointed small country house hotel with an excellent restaurant serving local, seasonal dishes.

    The hotel garden reaches down to the sea shore, bluebells grow on the hillside and wildlife can be seen early in the morning.

    Accompanied by Paddy Scott as tour leader, Paddy has a long involvement in the promotion of Scottish gardens.

  2. South Africa: Gardens of the Cape

    Gardens offering a wide range of flora, vineyards as far as the eye can see, wild flowers unique to the region, magnificent ocean views and warm hospitality – a memorable tour of the Cape region of South Africa in November 2016. Our arrival at Cape Town is awesome: We have...
  3. Namibia: Deserts, Dunes and Canyons

    An exploration of the landscapes and geology, the wildlife and flora of a remarkable land during November 2016. Coming closer to nature with almost every step, our group of ten travellers discovers an astonishing wealth of landscapes from high plateaux and mountains to desert and sand dunes, as well as...
  4. Africa Special

    I am nearing the end of three very enjoyable and successful tours in Africa this autumn and have been hearing much about David Attenborough’s fascinating Planet Earth II series. Namibia, Botswana and South Africa have so much to offer and especially for those with the an interest in various aspects...
  5. Namibia

    Namibia, what better name for a country which translates as ‘the place with no people’. The country is more than twice the size of Germany with population of only 2 million people. Namibia is not only a national treasure with its dynamic colourful landscapes but a literal treasure as one...
  6. In Sicily

    It’s astonishing how much can be packed into a week’s travel. Our October tour of private gardens - and much more besides - from Ortigia-Siracusa to Taormina in eastern Sicily was no exception. In addition to the gardens, we explored the lava fields of Mount Etna, ancient Greek and Roman theatres and a related stone quarry where our guide demonstrated the acoustics by his fine tenor voice.
  7. May 2016 Newsletter

    May is an exciting time in gardens and despite vagaries of this year’s weather, there is much to see and enjoy. Iris and roses have featured well on recent visits to both gardens of Sicily and around Rome. On the latter tour both Ninfa and the Papal Castel Gandolfo gardens...
  8. Namibia – Suoma who manages a Lodge near Etosha Park

    On my recent travels in north west Namibia to plan a new tour to the Skeleton Coast, I came across a remarkable young women, Suoma, who warmly welcomed us at the Lodge she manages. Full of enthusiasm, proud of her job, speaking impeccable English and a lovely smile, Suoma told...
  9. Susan Worner Tours Supports Good Causes

    On my travels I come across people and causes which need encouragement and a donation to help their particular cause.  I would like to tell you more about who the company is making donations to this coming year. Education for All – girls’ education for the Berbers in the Atlas Mountains...