Susan Worner Tours

  1. An Enchanted Land

    On arrival at our hotel in Klein Windhoek, luxurious, spacious and surrounded by olive trees, I am shown a bucket in the shower. “Please save the water as the shower heats up,” the staff ask, “we can use it to clean the room.” This becomes a theme. Water – scarce, absent, or cascading with uncontrolled force – is a presence through much of our journey in northern Namibia. Here, nature is formed and ruled by elemental forces, especially fire and water; I am fascinated by how it molds and adapts accordingly.
  2. Morocco: In Paradise, after the Rains

    If you have a love of walled gardens, whether urban courtyards or country hideaways with interconnected spaces full of surprises; if you would respond to unexpected approaches to gardening in arid conditions where water is at a premium and plants from across the world get along just fine together; and...
  3. Into the Wilderness : Northwestern Namibia & The Skeleton Coast

    November-December 2017 Our wonderful tour of northwestern Namibia is a chance to discover exceptional private reserves and a rarely-visited stretch of the vast Skeleton Coast National Park with its remote Atlantic coastline. We encounter breathtaking scenery and geology ; the work of conservationists with some of the world’s most endangered species,...
  4. Johannes – A Guide in Namibia

    I met Johannes, our guide, on a recent visit to the Desert Rhino Camp in Damaraland, north west Namibia. We spent a full day wild black rhino trekking and were thrilled to have a close sighting of a mother and calf – registered by the Save The Rhino Trust monitors as Topknot and Troy.   During our tasty picnic lunch prepared by the guides, Johannes told me of his achievement of training to become a wildlife guide, a prestigious job in Namibia. His family from northern Namibia are small-holders and cattle breeders.  Johannes was the youngest and while his brothers and sisters went to school, he was given the task of herding the cattle... read more
  5. November 2017 Tour: Namibia – Deserts, Dunes and Canyons

    From the Canyon we head into the Namib desert, where we encounter enormous sand dunes created by the strong westerly winds. Their colours at day-break are a photographer's dream. Some of our group ascend the ridge of the 'Big Daddy' dune for a spectacular view from the heights. In Dead Vlei nearby we find ancient camelthorn trees (Acacia erioloba). An al fresco brunch in the shade of a huge tree is truly welcome, and later on we opt to spend the night outdoors as well, sleeping under the star-spangled sky. What an experience ! The tour is full of contrasts and our next destination is a guest farm high up in the mountains near the Gamsberg. Keen star-gazers appreciate the clarity of the sky here, at an altitude of over 2000m, and we enjoy the planetary walk and sundowner with amazing views. Next day, we start early with an energetic botanical walk to discover the variety of plants growing in the harsh environment, including a stunning coral tree (Erythrina decora) in bloom in the dry riverbed.
  6. In Sicily: a crossroads of history

      Eastern Sicily is a land of citrus fruit and wine estates, where superb gardens with collections of plants from around the globe reflect the rich heritage of this fascinating Mediterranean island. From Ortigia in the south to Mt Etna in the north, we discover a varied and beautiful landscape,...
  7. A tapestry garden in Provence

      A jewel that changed the face of gardening in Provence: the exceptional La Louve in the village of Bonnieux.  A terraced hillside is the perfect canvas for the creation of a garden on several levels featuring indigenous plants of the region and marrying them with natural materials from the...
  8. Le Jardin Plume

      A highlight of our September tour in northern France: A beautiful, airy garden created with the lightest touch –as its name, Le Jardin Plume or the Feather Garden, suggests – around a traditional farmhouse in Normandy. A centrepiece is the apple orchard with its square mirror pond and wide,...
  9. Autumn Update

    I am just back from our wonderful tour to eastern Sicily staying in Taormina and Ortiga/Siracusa.  We discovered some beautiful gardens, met owners or head gardeners and tasted delicious food in their homes.  In all it gave everyone a chance to experience Sicilian life at many levels. Though the countryside...
  10. Scotland – Gardens of the North From Inverness to Wester Ross

    03 – 08 September 2018

    We visit some superb garden and pass through some of Scotland’s most spectacular countryside with mountains, lush lowlands and scenic coastlines. All the gardens are privately owned with a surprising collection of plants growing on the north west coast in Wester Ross warmed by the Gulf Stream. Wonderful gardens are to be found on the colder north east coast.

    The gardens and countryside are stunning at the beginning of September, an ideal time to visit.

    A beautiful luxurious 18C country house at Novar is our first base. Situated in the scenic Highlands near Evanton in Ross-shire it is surrounded by a country estate with extensive woodlands and farmland. We continue to the delightful Culloden House Hotel near Inverness, a fine Georgian mansion designed by Robert Adam. It has a four acre walled garden recently restored with interesting plantings. The house lodged Bonny Prince Charlie prior to the fateful battle of Culloden Moor.

    You will be accompanied by Paddy Scott as tour leader. Paddy has a long involvement in the promotion of Scottish gardens.